GeoPEST-DSS (Geospatial Pest Decision Support System), a decision support system (DSS) integrating weather based forewarning and management of major insect pests  and diseases of mustard has been developed using GIS interface under a DST funded project Web Enabled Weather Based Decision Support System for Forewarning and Management of Important Insect Pests and diseases of Rapeseed-Mustard in Delhi National Capital Region – A Pilot Study at the Division of Agricultural Physics, IARI, New Delhi.

About 20-30% agricultural crops are used to get damaged in India every year due to biotic stress which is caused by  insect pests, diseases, nematodes, weeds, rodents and mammals. Among these, insect pests, fungal, bacterial and viral diseases are most important. Most of the insect pests and diseases are dependent on favourable weather for their development and outbreak. Identification of favourable weather parameters and weather-based forewarning of crop pests and diseases provide necessary information regarding timing and level of pest infestation/disease infection. This leads to application of plant protection inputs in appropriate time, reduction of amount of harmful chemicals as well as  plant protection cost and protection of the environment.

This website has been launched for the DSS which will provide the necessary information regarding pest and disease situation one week ahead and plant protection advice as per integrated pest management (IPM) principles through GIS maps to the farmers /pest managers of rapeseed-mustard growing villages of NCR directly through internet.